Aerobic Biological Fluidized-bed Technology Treatment of Coking Wastewater in Gasworks

Z.F.Ye, J.R.Ni, A.G.L.Borthwick

ABSTRACT: The coking wastewater in gasworks is difficult to purify by conventional biological treatment because of the high contents of its coal tar, ammonia-nitrogen, COD and phenol. In this study, a pilot-scale experiment has been conducted to treat the coking wastewater.

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Aerobic biological fluidized bed technology treatment of sulfur and high ammonia-nitrogen wastewater in a petroleum refinery

Z. F. Ye, J.N. Ni, A. G. L. Borthwick, L.L. Wen

ABSTRACT: Wastewaters from petrochemical plants are of two types: high sulfur wastewater with high levels of sulfur, oil, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and phenol; and high ammonia-nitrogen wastewater emanating from catalyst workshops, which contains large concentrations of ammonia-nitrogen, salinity, suspended solids (SS) and lower organic pollutants.

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