NEWS ALERT: Bionetix Setting High Standards With ISO 9001:2008 Recertification!

June 2014

With great pride, Cortec® announces the ISO 9001:2008 (International Organization of Standardization) recertification and Organic Plus SP certification by Quebec Vrai for Cortec's subsidiary, Bionetix International. The ISO 9001 management system requires that we demonstrate and maintain consistent production of quality products and continually improve our management systems to ensure our clients receive the best products and services we can offer. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and our goal is the highest level of customer satisfaction possible; the ISO 9001 management system ensures that we are always working towards achieving it. more


NEWS ALERT: Bionetix Porta-Treat Featured In May Issue of Portable Restroom Operator (PRO) Magazine!

MAY 2014

Porta-Treat water-soluble packs from Bionetix contain natural and safe aerobic bacteria that digesr odor-causing compounds and waste in restroom holding tanks.The bacillus spores used have been shown to reduce large waste particles that settle to the bottom. more


"Compost Accelerator Optimizes Degradation of Organic Matter" Article Featured In April Issue of Pollution Equipment News

MAY 2014

Organic materials make up approximately 20-30% of household wastes.Many municipalities are opting for composting in addition to recycling to reduce the overall load arriving at landfills.Composting facilities can accommodate large volumes of organic materials including fruits and vegetable wastes, grasses, fats, oils and greases, and many animal by-products. more


NEWS ALERT: Bionetix Porta-Treat Featured in Portable Restroom Operator!


Porta-Treat packs from bionetix contain natural and safe bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds and waste. The bacillus spores used have been shown to reduce large waste particles that settle to the bottom.The cellulose present in toilet paper reduced to odorless carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria release extracellular enzymes to help minimize waste so the bacteria have better access. more


PRESS RELEASE: Bionetix International Announces BCP 85 For Acceleration and Optimization Of Compost Degradation!

JULY 2013

BCP 85 Compost Accelerator is a blend of bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and nutrients for the acceleration and optimization of the degradation of agricultural and household organic wastes in the composting processes. The Bionetix laboratory has identified and selected a number of microorganisms and nutrients to formulate this product in order to both augment the waste material to obtain an enriched stable fertilizer and ensure good microbial diversity for better maturation and degradation of the compost. more


PRESS RELEASE: Bionetix International Announces Its New Fire Damage Deodorizer!

JUNE 2013

Bionetix International introduces its latest new product "Fire Damage Deodorizer"; a ready to use, highly effective blend that destroys odors and removes soot stains created from smoke and fire damage. The components in this formulation include a safe to use encapsulating agent to block odor and bacteria to breakdown the odor causing compounds. Bionetix concentrates these good bacteria to produce the most complete remediation of smoke and soot stain, excellent for use on textiles such as clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets, and draperies. Fire Damage Deodorizer getsinto tight pores where smoke can permeate and become trapped. Smells are permanently eliminated not masked; the bacteria present make this a high performance deodorizer that gives a fresh smell that lasts without the use of harmful fragrances. more


PRESS RELEASE: Bionetix Bio-Tab 1T: Enhance Water Biology in Septic Systems!

MAY 2013

A poorly maintained septic tank can lead to many headaches and costly service calls. Over time, inert solid materials build up in the bottom of your septic tank forming a layer of sludge. To keep your septic system healthy and functioning, this undigested sludge should be treated regularly with Bionetix Bio-Tab 1T. Each tab contains a 1 Trillion count of bacteria as well as enzymes effective in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Biological nutrients and stimulants enhance the water biology in your tank by aiding bacteria to biodegrading organic material comprised of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and toilet paper. Bionetix Bio-Tab 1T is especially efficient after toxic shock such as the use of strong bleaches or other harmful chemicals like root killers for removal of roots in pipelines. more


PRESS RELEASE: Cortec Introduces Cortec Biotechnology – Creating New Bio-Economic Opportunities!


Introducing Cortec Biotechnology, the newest subsidiary of Cortec Canada that will be responsible for global research, marketing, and sales of Bionetix International products as well as products based on biotechnology developed by Cortec Corporation and its other divisions and subsidiaries. This new entity, based in Montreal, represents a competitive technology platform for expansion into worldwide markets for wastewater treatment, bioremediation, and agriculture products. Montreal with its diverse infrastructure is a major world hub for biotechnology, which provides a distinct advantage for this new endeavor. Cortec Biotechnology will lay the groundwork for building and strengthening strategic alliances and relationships. more



JUNE 2012

BIOSURF, STIMULUS, and BCP-35S consist of natural surfactants, bacterial suspensions and nutrients for the facilitation of the natural process of biodegradation of hydrocarbons in the environment. BIOSURF is recommended for its properties of surface active agents (biosurfactants) that allows the dispersion of oil in small fractions which under agitation, increases the surface to volume relationship thus facilitating the biodegradation of the hydrocarbons. The addition of STIMULUS corresponds to nutrients and enzymes that facilitate the action of enzymatic biodegradation of BCP-35S suspension. In its application as a whole, the three components are a natural alternative for in situ biodegradation of oil spills. These tests were performed at the Faculty of Environmental Chemistry of the University of Valparaiso in Chile. more



MARCH 2012

In the past, facilities have turned to acids when they needed to remove difficult scale, rust, and calcium build-up from hard surfaces. Now, Bionetix DEL 2002 presents a cost-effective and organic alternative to traditional acids more




Bionetix International, a Subsidiary of Cortec® Corporation, recently announced that their Quality Management System is compliant with the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and has once again passed a surveillance audit with no non-conformities. This is the company's fifth year with SGS Systems & Services Certification Canada Inc. as Bionetix’s partner in this process. With 60,000 customers worldwide, SGS is the world’s preferred certifying body and stresses that in today’s global business environment, effective management systems greatly contribute to building a distinctive competitive advantage. more




A city in Northern Ontario owns and operates a Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). This plant provides primary treatment, phosphorus removal, and anaerobic sludge digestion for the entire serviced area of the city. Disinfection of the effluent occurs on a seasonal basis, from April to October. The treatment facility has a design capacity of 109 million litres per day. The population of the city was 109,016 as recorded by Statistics Canada in March 2002 and the population served by the Water Pollution Control Plant is approximately 100,000. more




Bionetix International Acquired!

Cortec® Corporation is pleased to announce the formation of Cortec® Canada. Bionetix International; headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is now a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in the business of manufacturing microbial based bio-products more



APRIL 2008

New facilities to serve our customers better.

Dorval, QC – April 10, 2008

Bionetix International, a key supplier to the biological remediation industry, today announces it will move to a new state-of–the-art facility in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC in June 2008.

The new facility totals 13,000 square feet in size. Each of its four areas – office, plant, quality control and product development is specifically designed to service clients and suppliers faster and more efficiently. The latest in high tech manufacturing equipment has been selected and it is expected that at least eight new positions will be created to staff the operation.

Bionetix General Manager is anxious to underline the role that its partners worldwide have played in making this expansion possible. “Our move to this new facility reflects the dynamic growth in the environmental products market and our role in it. A new facility for our Canadian-based operations is considered by us to be a critical requirement for our growth and therefore we are pleased to achieve this milestone. This new facility will give Bionetix International a competitive advantage when it comes to manufacturing and developing new products for our customers.”

Bionetix International produces biological waste treatment products that are used in thousands of environmental applications worldwide. Whether for industrial or municipal applications, its 100% natural biological digestants augment and accelerate the natural waste degradation process. Industries and municipalities turn to Bionetix for environmentally sound solutions to waste treatment problems. And now . . . a new facility to serve them better!


BionEtix International proudly announces its ISO 9001:2000 registration

APRIL 2008

BIONETIX INTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce its successful ISO 9001:2000 registration effective February 29, 2008. The ISO 9001:2000 registration demonstrates the intent of BIONETIX INTERNATIONAL to produce quality services every time and to have a plan in place when issues arise. While some of our customers have asked for the certification, we recognized the advantages that following a formal procedure would have for our internal operations. Continuous improvement in our operations will always represent value to our customers.

Click here   to download a PDF of the certificate.


BIONETIX DFMs improve animal health and productivity

MAY 2007

BIONETIX has added Direct-Fed Microbials to its product line to improve the health and productivity of animal raising and aquaculture. Producers can improve the health, welfare and performance of their stock through the use of BIONETIX Direct-Fed Microbials in their dairy cattle, swine, poultry and aquaculture operations.


Organic Plus SP Approved for Biological Agriculture


Bionetix is pleased to announce that Organic Plus SP has been approved for use in biological agriculture in Canada and the USA by the non-profit certification group Quebec Vrai. Organic Plus is a highly effective all-natural plant bio-stimulant and soil microbial enhancer with biofungicidal properties that increases crop yield, enhances root formation and seed germination and suppresses disease.


Bionetix Appoints a Distributor in Chile


Bionetix is pleased to announce that it has appointed MAX International S.A. of Santiago, Chile as the distributor of its products for Chile.


Bionetix Canada wins the Accolades 2006 Award

JUNE 2006

On June 1, 2006, The West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce held their 21st annual Accolades Awards Dinner and Gala to acknowledge and honour successful business leaders in the local community. Bionetix Canada was awarded the Accolade in the category Markets Outside Quebec for its remarkable success in developing new export markets over the past twelve months.

The selection process for this award consisted of a nomination phase from which the Grand Jury selected three finalists in each category. The finalists were visited on site and interviewed and a winner in each category was selected from the finalists.

In the selection of Bionetix Canada as the winner in its category, the jury took into consideration its successes and how these successes have impacted on the business, created competitive advantage and helped differentiate the organization from others.

General Manager, was very pleased to accept the Accolades Award on behalf of Bionetix Canada.


Bionetix (U.K.) Serves England and Ireland


Bionetix Canada announces the appointment of Bionetix (U.K.) as its new distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Bionetix (U.K.) is a division of Pulsonic Technologies Ltd. that has many years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions for water and wastewater treatment. The Pulsonic Group is uniquely placed in the UK as a company with the design capability, ultrasonic technology, and bioremediation ability to design and build treatment plants for industry.

The Group is also introducing Bionetix aquaculture, horticulture, and cleaning products into their respective markets.


A New Distributor for Japan and Korea


FAR EAST INTERNATIONAL INC. (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Equipment) of Japan signed an agreement with Bionetix to distribute our products throughout Asia (excluding China) in the sustainable agriculture and biological wastewater treatment markets. After two years of intensive field-testing and evaluation of Bionetix products, F.E.I. Inc. found that Bionetix biologicals products exceeded their expectations.